Abortion revisited

Frum looks back at abortion in Canada, 20 years later without a law. On January 28, Canada marks the 20th anniversary of what may be the most astounding decision in the nation&#xu2;019s legal history: R. v. Morgentaler, the case that … Continue reading

I Wasn’t Aborted

An interesting anti-abortion article from someone who should know – a Russian. If Ms. readers hadn’t had so many abortions, there might be more Ms. readers. As for the rest of us, here’s a petition we could all sign: “I … Continue reading

Halton kids

Interesting read on the people of Halton’s (and I suspect most of the country) take on this annoying daycare debate. So I was standing at the front of a Town Hall meeting a few weeks back, in Oakville, and we … Continue reading