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Viral goats

Screaming goats – what could be funnier?…


Christmas truck – Bah, humbug! Police pull over truck decked out with 850 Christmas – Bah  humbug  Police pull over truck decked out with 850 Christmas lights


Baby Dad

An infant feeding from a bottle
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More proof that we are but one gene away from being monkeys.

The four-footer — who looks no more than eight — said: “I know I’m young, but I plan to be a good dad.”

via Playtime for baby-faced 13-year-old dad Alfie Patten | The Sun |News.

Sometimes it seems the only people left breeding in the Western First World are the completely unequipped, both mentally and financially.  The other thing missing is outrage – noone finds these stories bizarre anymore.  Are we so desensitized to the bizarre?

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Revenge of the mice

This story is so ironic that it could be a cartoon.

The $250,000 fire is still under investigation by the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office, but shelter manager Ruby Richards said preliminary reports indicate it started in the ceiling and may – a sad irony for the cats – have been sparked by mice chewing through electrical wires.

via… | GTA | Mice get blame for fire that massacred 100 cats.


Don`t spit, swallow

Quite possibly the best study ever.  I feel it needs some more local research…please sign me up.

Women who perform the act of fellatio and swallow semen on a regular basis, one to two times a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 40 percent, a North Carolina State University study found.

via… – Study: New study shows that fellatio may reduce the risk of breast cancer – Oct. 2, 2003.

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Drop off your teenager

Baby Safe Haven sign in Boston, MA.

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Hurry!  You don’t have much time if you want to get rid of your teenager!

Nebraska state senators and Gov. Dave Heineman have agreed to put a strict age limit in the controversial safe-haven law to prevent more drop-offs of older children at hospitals.

Nebraska Rewrites Child Drop-Off Law, Age Limit of 3 Days Imposed After Parents Abandon Older Kids, Teens Under Safe-Haven Statute – CBS News.

More funny laws of unintended consequences.

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Who is this guy?

He wouldn’t have looked half bad had he let nature take its course.

A middle-aged man wearing pyjamas is being pushed in a wheelchair down a sidewalk by an assistant. He is gaunt and frail-looking. His skin seems to be peeling. His fingernails are a sickening shade of yellow-brown.

As he turns 50, is this what ??? should really look like? | Mail Online


Hippies and old growth

Loons and trees get together for some good laughs.

via Hot Air


This is neat

Check out this head.



Roid rage

Another form of drug abuse.

Right or more often the case wrong, athletes have been taking anabolic steroids since the early 1960’s.

via JWalk


Parents gone wild

Here’s a very bizarre story I discovered, digging around Google Trends.

His name was Josh Evans. He was 16 years old. And he was hot.


Feeling prickly

Talk about a bad case of feeling pins and needles.

Chinese surgeons will try to remove 23 needles from a woman that doctors believe may have been imbedded under her skin by grandparents trying to kill her so that a baby boy might take her place.


Pity the kid

This kid gives new meaning to the phrase you can’t pick your parents. Idiots.

A couple has got over the disappointment of having their choice of 4Real as the name for their baby son turned down by calling him Superman instead.


Buy him a dog house

You thought you had wife problems…check this guy.

Steve Graham might not be in the doghouse over a dispute with his wife, but as far as his neighbors are concerned, he’s not far from it. For the past seven years, Graham, 55, has been living in his car parked in the backyard of a house he and his wife, La Donna Graham, own.


Holey cow!

Are robots digging holes the key to world peace and prosperity?

Scott Adams thinks so.