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7 Things You Can’t Say in Canada | Readers Digest

The other thing you can’t say is that M. Wente, this article’s author, is a plagiarist.

Every culture has its unacknowledged taboos—the things you are forbidden to say or do in polite company, the accepted truths you are not allowed to doubt. You might think that a liberal, open-minded country like Canada would be free of such taboos, but you’d be wrong. In spite of our belief in our own enlightened tolerance, some things are simply not open to debate. If you try, you’re bound to shock the neighbours.

7 Things You Can’t Say in Canada | Readers Digest.…


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Kaalga FireFox Extension

Another neat extension … once more, works great in WordPress.  Clearly, WordPress is the blogging software of choice.  It does seem to compete a bit with Zemanta, but overall, works well.

Select any text and “Shift-Right-Click” to get search results without leaving your editor, or

Start writing your post as you normally would, every 300 characters Kaalga will analyze your post and mark interesting phrases with a dashed-blue underline.

Kaalga FireFox Extension.

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Best blog tool ever

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I’ve been blogging since the Greymatter days, and besides WordPress, the next best tool I’ve ever seen is Zemanta.

Blog smarter—with instant smart links, pictures, tags and more!

Blog Smarter | Zemanta Ltd..

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Against the tide

Like watching a train wreck or reading the Toronto Star, I am reading the latest “Mommyblog” to get angry at what’s going on in the world.  Sometimes I have to comment:

Despite the bad spelling, bad punctuation, and bad grammar; despite the fact you’d think that your girl was a benign tumor and not a child; despite the fact that your baby’s father still hasn’t graduated to husband; despite the fact that your daughter appears to be more attached to her nanny than you; despite the fact you probably represent the new WASP mother who value independence, career, and “quality time” over the full time raising of a dependent human being; I will read this blog to remind myself of how lucky I am to be married to a woman who places her children and their needs miles ahead of her own.


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Here’s a survey.

Take it if you wish – feel free to say this is your one blog you read.


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