What is Special in Challenge Coins

The challenge coins was said to had emerged in World War I, where the soldiers from the military department had been able to received a medallion with the insignia of the government. It was used at that time as a symbol of their membership in the military. Just by showing the challenge coin to their superiors, the other military personnels had been able to distinguish the membership of a particular soldier. The challenge coin depicts bravery, pride and honour of the military soldiers.

The challenge coins have varying sizes and made up of different metals. This is one of the reason on why the challenge coin is somehow special. Aside from depicting the membership of a person, the challenge coin can also be given as a token of appreciation or reward to any people. It may also serve as a gift or souvenir for different events and celebrations. What are the things must the challenge coin possess?

It can be customized. It means that the person who want to have a challenge coin can make his or her own design:

This makes the challenge coin more special. You can have the chance to have your own challenge coin according to your desired design. The design of the coin will depend on your desired logo or symbol, or anything you want to put in it. As long as the design is creative and meaningful, your challenge coin will surely be a unique material.

Challenge Coins

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The edges of the challenge coins are important. The edge design adds creativity and classic look to your challenge coin. To thos people who want to have a creative look of the challenge coin, you may pick the edge design you want. There are some companies that offer varying designs of the edges. Do not just stick to the typical edge design. You must try new designs, in order to make your coin more attractive.

With www.challengecoins4less.com, we are offering a lot of edge designs. You can choose from the oblique, rope cut, cross cut or wave cut edges we offer. The actual picture of our products are all listed on our website. You  may visit our page and other social media accounts to inquire more about our products and services.

Likewise, the metal style of the challenge coins is significant to make it more distinctive. It makes the challenge coin more valuable. There are some coins that have multiple tones, while some are silver and gold plated. You may look for a company that can offer you a lot of choices on metal styles. What is important in the making of challenge coin is the satisfaction you can get. For custom made challenge coin, you all have the right to choose what is the best thing for you.

What makes the challenge coins more unique is the enamel touches it contain:

It adds a special appearance of the challenge coin. There are some coins that have a 3D appearance. Meanwhile, some coins have been coated with epoxy. This coating protects the design or logo imprinted on the challenge coin. It adds an enamel finishing into the custom coin. The other designs are offset prints and engraved text in the coin.

 Metal Challenge Coins

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The challenge coin not only gives us a special membership in a certain group. But, this coin also shows our dedication, bravery and pride to the society or group we belong. Either we are holding it, keeping, or wearing it, the special function the challenge coin is giving is unconditional.