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Grocery store charges $5 to browse

Grocery store charges $5 to browse

via Grocery store charges $5 to browse.

As scan and order becomes more widespread, I can see more and more bricks and mortar stores trying this trick.

Anyone else use Amazon’s barcode scanner to comparison shop while in other stores? I do ALL the time.



Destabilization continues

The destruction of the North American workforce continues in incremental and insidious ways. Report finds jump in ‘precarious’ work in Toronto and Hamilton areas – Yahoo! News Canada…

Feb32013 prime hits Canada

Business just got harder in Canada for Canadian retailers. Mega retailer Amazon just started to offer Amazon Prime – for $79, unlimited 2 day shipping.

Why bother shopping in bricks and mortar stores?

This is big. Time to double up on Amazon shares.


David and Galen Jr.

As much as I want to dislike the Giant with the silver spoon (Galen Jr.) and hope that the little guy (the yogurt maker) scores a hit, there seems to be more to the story than this “viral” video lets on.

Yogurt company founders meet with Loblaws after YouTube video goes viral |….

On the other hand, real entrepreneurs must know that marketing to a big boy has its risks – including the risk of funding inventory and losing their product’s uniqueness to knock offs.

All is fair in love and business.


BBC News – Canada cheese-smuggling ring busted – policeman charged

More proof that we pay WAY too much for our dairy. Thank the cartel for that.…


Let the patient die

General Motors Corporation
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It appears the “general” consensus is to let GM slip into Chapter 11.  Chapter 11 is an efficient way to get back to health – I have to agree with commenters that the $6B would be better sunk into infrastructure.

General Motors of Canada has doubled its request to about $6 billion for public aid from the federal and Ontario governments.

via – GM doubles aid request – Canada’s Most Trusted Auto Resource.

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Raw deal?

Cow juice or milkshakes
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Is this another case where the law is wrong?  Is big business and big government controlling milk distribution?  If so, why?  My only wish is that this guy had a lawyer defending him, as he may lose just on a technicality.  Are there no pro-b

Example of Dairy CAFO
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ono lawyers out there who want to make a name for themselves?

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt argued today in a Newmarket court that the charges laid against him for distributing raw milk are unconstitutional.

via – News & Features – Raw milk accused takes swig at court.

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The Fall of GM – a visual guide

GM is in trouble, and unless they remove lots of these containers, the bailout probably won’t help.

GM has many woes, the least of which is a shortfall of money, so why do people think that an infusion of cash will do anything but prolong the agony?

So here it is, a visual guide to why GM won’t be around much longer. Unless ofcourse they can actually form a game plan to get some of these metaphorical shipping containers off their backs. Another thing I wanted to stress is that the conversation about the decline of General Motors involves singular finger pointing. “It’s the unions”, “It’s management”. Bottom line is you will need a lot of fingers because the root causes are plenty and the cumulative effect is what’s taking this ship down.

via The Fall of GM – a visual guide |… The Art of Information.



Wal-Mart location in Moncton
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Watching the Growth of Walmart Across America.

Watch Walmart grow, like bacteria.

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$1.06 an apple

I guess the July price of oil has caught up with the price of fruit.

Sad thing is that the price of an apple is more than the price of a candy bar. This is the untold story of this recession: the poor will resort to more affordable junk food and get fatter and sicker.


Two trees, three hundred thousand dollars

Renaissance Center, GM World Headquarters, Det...
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The automakers want how much to keep their business floating?  Sorry, they’ll have to slash a whole lot more before they’re going to get the majority of taxpayers on their side.

Christmas-wise, note the two majestic trees that rise, at a guess, 40 feet skyward. “Paid $300,000 for the two trees,” says a maintenance worker, adding, “It’s all re-rod inside of there.” Three hundred thou seems a lot. “That was when everything was going good,” Mr. Maintenance says.

via…: The consumer dream gears down.

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How big is Wal-mart

This is making the rounds on the email circuit, and Snopes says it’s true.

This should boggle your mind!!
And scare you as well!

1 .
At Wal-Mart,
Americans spend $36,000,000 every hour
of every day.

2 .
This works out to $20,928 profit
every minute!

Wal-Mart will sell more
from January 1 to St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th)
than Target sells all year.

Wal-Mart is bigger than Home Depot +
Kroger + Target + Sears + Costco +
K-Mart combined.

Wal-Mart employs 1.6 million people
and is the largest private employer. And most can’t speak English

Wal-Mart is the largest company
in the history of the World.

Wal-Mart now sells more food
than Kroger & Safeway combined,
and keep in mind they did this
in only 15 years.

During this same period,
31 Supermarket chains sought bankruptcy
(including Winn-Dixie).

Wal-Mart now sells more food
than any other store in the world.

Wal-Mart has approx 3,900 stores
in the USA of which 1,906 are SuperCenters;
this is 1,000 more than it had 5 years a go.

This year, 7.2 billion different
purchasing experiences will occur
at a Wal-Mart store.
(Earth’s population is approximately
6.5 billion.)

90% of all Americans live
within 15 miles of a Wal-Mart

Let Wal Mart bail out Wall Street


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Why no bailout

Toyota Head office in Toyota City, Japan
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I haven’t said much about the bailout, but my opinion is very similar to this one.

Many people are asking: Why can’t these companies go bankrupt and reorganize like everyone else? In bankruptcy court, the process allowsthe auto industry to negotiate with creditors, stakeholders and unions.

Cafe Hayek: Harsanyi on the Czar.

The next logical question is: what should we give Toyota and Honda?  Isn’t that what socialism is all about?  Equality for all, including car companies?

The worst part about it is subsidizing $50/hr employees, some of whom work in the rubber room, a place where laid off workers go to play cards.

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$2 an hour – good luck competing

That giant sucking sound means $2/hour for that decent paying job here in Toronto.  Good luck seeing that closed factory opening up any time soon.

What Toronto has lost – jobs that paid $18 an hour – is being won here in the form of entry-level work that pays the equivalent of $2 per hour.… | World | Exported Canadian jobs offer hope in Mexico.

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Goodnite, Mr. Rogers

As annoyed as I am about Rogers for just being the monopoly that it is, it’s hard not to have enormous respect for someone who built so much, against enormous odds.  How sad that he didn’t make it to see his latest dream, a regular season NFL game in Canada.  I’m sure he tried.

Rogers’ hunger for success, combined with an ability to envision technological change years before his competitors (and a tolerance for debt) lifted his business from one fledgling radio station into a $25 billion Canadian institution.… | Business | Ted Rogers; 75: Communications icon.

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