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Not My Scarborough

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I can’t begin to tell you how pissed off I was to read about the swarming and beating death of a young man in Glamorgan Park on Saturday night.

via Not My Scarborough | Canadian Thinker by Freddie P..

Great article from half of the Humble and Fred show.

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Couldn’t be sadder

'Highway of Heroes'
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Could this be any sadder?

The recently married couple, who have four children, talked at length about death before he deployed in September, said Mishelle Brown, wife of Warrant Officer Dennis Brown.

via… | Canada | Expected husband to die in Afghanistan, teary widow says.

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Greater Fool – Garth’s new blog

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Gotta give Garth Turner credit.  He was right that the doom and gloom from the US was going to infect Canada.  Well, it’s January, it’s cold, it’s miserable, and the economy is tanking.  I assume Garth’s new blog will be mostly gloom and doom, so don’t read it if you are the depressive type.

Hopefully the generator guy will call soon… I want to be prepared as his new book points out.

Book and Weblog – Authored by Garth Turner — Greater Fool – The Troubled Future of Real Estate.

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Obama unveils 21st Century New Deal

Something tells me that if Harper does something along these lines, he will stay PM.  It`s time Harper realizes that Canadians are always looking to America for inspiration, and expect all the good things American to come here eventually.  It`s hard to argue about this kind of stimulus.

On Saturday, Barack Obama pledged the largest new investment in roads and bridges since President Dwight D. Eisenhower built the Interstate system in the 1950′s.

Obama unveils 21st Century New Deal – Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin –….

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Tribute to a soldier

A well told current soldier’s story.

“They said, `One more speeding ticket, you won’t be able to go on the mission,’” says his father, Paul. “You wonder, why didn’t he get one more ticket?”… | SpecialSections | Loved son a family’s loss, a nation’s hero.


Black on the election

Stephen Harper

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Anyone else think it’s funny that the National Post has a convicted felon as a columnist?  That said, he is a great writer and a great educator of history.

He says Quebec is finally out of the federal loop – and now is the time for Stephen Harper to seize the day and rule as a conservative.

Now it is time to demonstrate that Quebec doesn’t hold the balance of power in Canada any more, that its forty-year secessionist chicken game is over and that the Bloc Québécois’ fifty MPs are a self-inflicted deprivation to that notoriously patronage-addicted province.

Conrad Black: Harper’s future is an opportunity waiting to be grasped – Full Comment.

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Into the wilderness

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

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Liberal Party of Canada

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If you’re wondering about the upcoming Canadian election and what is happening with the Liberals, then Warren Kinsella‘s CCC says it all.  For all I didn’t like about Chretien’s policies, I still respect the man and respect Kinsella’s unwavering loyalty.

In the meantime, the Conservatives will have had the country for nearly a decade. Does that concern me, as a Chrétien Liberal? Yes, it does. Of course it does.


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Goodbye Ronnie

Then-Prime Minister Joe Clark presents the 197...

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One of the CFL‘s greatest legends has passed on.  My all time favorite QB was Tom Wilkinson, but Ronnie was also a true legend.

Ron Lancaster, a CFL legend known during his playing days as the Little General, has died. He was 69.

The Canadian Press: Former star quarterback and CFL legend Ron Lancaster dead at age 69.

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Highway of Heroes videos

Apologies for the poor video quality  -  my Canon Powershot A590 apparently likes lots of light, and this was filmed around 2100h.  The funeral procession moved at 100km/h as well, but the whole bridge either broke out into applause or stood quietly.


Could this be any sadder?

This photo was taken at Cpl Grenon's departure March 7, 2008.

This photo was taken at Cpl Grenon’s departure March 7, 2008.

“Tears streak down the face of Krista Sierens as she kisses Cpl.Andrew Grenon in

their final moment together before Grenon’s departure from CFB Shilo on

March 7 to Afghanistan. Grenon was killed in an insurgent attack yesterday.”

Photo Credit: CP

Military Mom at Home: Cherished

“Why We Fight”

Written by Cpl. Andrew Grenon
“I’ve often asked myself why we are here. Why my government actually agreed to send troops to this God-forsaken place.
“There are no natural resources. No oil, gold, or silver. Just people.
“People who have been at war for the last 40 plus years. People who want nothing more than their children to be safe. People who will do anything for money; even give their own life.
“I look into the eyes of these people. I see hate, destruction and depression. I see love, warmth, kindness and appreciation.
“Why do we fight? For in this country, there are monsters. Monsters we could easily fight on a different battlefield, at a different time. Monsters that could easily take the fight to us.
“Surrounding these mud walls and huts is a country in turmoil. A country that is unable to rebuild itself. A country that cannot guarantee a bright future for its youth.
“Why do we fight? Because, if we don’t fight today, on THIS battlefield, then our children will be forced to face these monsters on our own battlefield.
“I fight because I’m a soldier.
“I fight because I’m ordered.
“I fight, so my children won’t have to.”

(Grenon had written this poem during his 2006 tour of duty in Afghanistan)

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Three soldiers back home

Once more, our local 401- Highway of Heroes bridge was packed, with hundreds standing in the cool wind waiting for the heroes to return.  I’ve got some video with a little commentary showing tonight’s solemn occasion.  Apologies for the lack camera focus, apparently it doesn’t work too well in low light.

Hopefully someone will create some sort of blog or method of alerting those along the route that the procession is approaching, so more can participate.  I called the OPP to find out where the convoy was, so hopefully someone can figure out a way to post this info online.

The grief was palpable at this eastern Ontario military base Saturday night as three families, united by their losses, gathered for the return of three young men killed in an ambush in Afghanistan.… | Canada | Soldiers’ bodies arrive in Trenton.

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Premier Vander Zalm

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This week’s bursting onto the national scene by Sarah Palin reminded me of another Wet Coast superstar,  British Columbia’s former Premier, Bill Vander Zalm.  Similar modus operandi, Bill was the man with a mile wide smile and folksy style.  If only he didn’t mix businesses with his office, he might have gone that much farther.

Wonder what he thinks of Sarah.

How the West is Won: B.C. Elections, 1952-2003 | CBC Archives.

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Rambunctious rooster

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How can you not like Buzz Hargrove?  I liked his predecessor Bob White as well, but Buzz’ east coast flair was always fun to watch.  I hope he runs for office.  We need a sh*t disturber like him working for our country.

The self-described “rambunctious rooster” fought with Chrysler managers all day, played poker and chased women all night.

But over time as a steward, staff representative, assistant to the national president and then leader, he turned into a skillful public speaker, debater and negotiator.… | Business | Buzz Hargrove strikes out on his own.

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Good one gone

A man of integrity, class, and above all, not associated with any scandals.  RIP sir, and thanks for all you’ve

Erik Neilson MP

Erik Neilson MP

done for Canada.

Erik Nielsen, a former deputy prime minister in Brian Mulroney‘s Conservative government and elder brother of comic Leslie Nielsen, has died at his home in Kelowna at age 84.… | Canada | Former Conservative deputy PM Eric Nielsen dies.

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Canada Company: Many Ways To Serve

After reading about the three latest soldies to die, some of them with kids, I was glad to read there is a company that appears to offer some sort of scholarship mechanism to take care of the orphans.

Canada Company provides a platform to do things in our communities and our workplace. Making the route to serve as supportive as possible and providing the care that is deserved whenever needed is a contribution that we can, and should, make as both business leaders and citizens.