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Google takes aim at Windows

Microsoft Google! oO
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Google Inc. is working on a new operating system for inexpensive computers in a daring attempt to wrest away Microsoft Corp.’s long-running control over people’s computing experience.

via… | Business | Google takes aim at Windows.

All I can say is – YES!  Competition is good and Google is good and lean!

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Google tips

Google in 1998
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Got a good tip?  Need a good tip?

Take a Tip. Share a Tip. – Google Moderator.

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The web via Iphone

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If you do a lot of Iphone surfing the general web, you need this tip for all those sites that don’t have iphone specific pages.  Let’s hope 2009 brings more iphone friendly sites.… is such a site.  I wish all wordpress bloggers would make their sites iphone friendly.

Mobile Safari on the iPhone does an amazing job displaying web pages. However, I find that in the context of viewing some web pages on the go, that this view isn’t necessarily the best way to read some pages. For example, even though the iPhone interface is awesome, I don’t really want to waste time zooming and messing with a page to read the actual content. I’d rather just load up a page, read my content, and move on. (Of course, the best solution would be if web designers designed alternate “iPhone-optimized” views that would look great on the iPhone, but only a few mainstream sites do this as of the time of this post.)

via… – Reformat standard web pages for better iPhone display.

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Do you know your world?

Map of the Earth
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Geosense: an online world geography game.

This game is pretty interesting.

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Can’t happen soon enough

Windows XP

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Of course, Vista was supposed to start faster.  It may be 10% faster than XP at best, but it is still interminably slow.

The most fundamental change to the way people interact with PCs since the advent of the Internet may be occurring.

The Race to Instant-On Computers Begins – Bits Blog –….

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Free Sound Recorder

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In my effort to tell you about the best software tools out there to get something done easily, I present to you Free Sound Recorder: Download Freecorder Toolbar.  This little gadget allows you to easily record anything you hear from your computer’s VISTA speakers.

I read somewhere via Google that the best music was actually on Youtube, and not Limewire.  If you are looking for a good bootleg copy of an artist’s live performance that they aren’t selling anyway, go to Youtube and Freecorder it.

VISTA so far has been a nightmare for doing the simplest things.  This little investigation took me quite some time to figure out.

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