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Bucking the nanny state

An article showing the few (albeit American) who dare buck the Swedish nanny state.

No one sees the downside more clearly than Therese Murphy and her husband, Paul.

They are bringing up their four children in the picturesque Swedish city of Gothenberg.

The couple are due to have another baby before Christmas, a welcome addition for 39-year-old Therese to care for at their five-bedroom house near the waterfront.

The couple should have a perfect family life, but when the Murphys go out their neighbours look at them with curiosity.

If Therese takes her two youngest, Elise, nine, and William, five, to play in the park, it is nearly always empty.

For she and Paul, a medical salesman who was born in the U.S., are bucking the system.

Therese is a stay-at-home mother – one of a tiny number of women in Sweden who do not have a paid job.


Common sense again

Your daily dose of what you already know, but needed to hear.

A new Canadian study suggests that babies&#xu2;019 social and mental development is best when moms don&#xu2;019t return quickly back to work after a birth. This from the National Post:


Oh Goody

More good news for those that would surrender their babies to others.

The largest daycare corporation in the world &#xu2;013 often criticized for cutting care to raise profits &#xu2;013 is bringing its controversial form of big-box privatized child care to Canada.

Hope they’re close to the big box stores so their mother’s are too inconvenienced.


Is daycare good for babies?

Not if the stress and aggression studies are anything to go by, says an Australian author.

Read some more common sense here.


Anti-SAHM Studies Continue

The daycare propaganda machine is really stretching for studies to justify moms not raising their own children full time, to wit.

According to new research carried out in Britain, working mothers enjoy better health than full-time housewives. Despite the stress working mothers face by holding down a job, dealing with childcare, housework and striving to keep the family happy.


Damn childcare numbers

Goldstein is sick of the daycare lobby’s bleating over their lost daycare billion dollar baby.

Parents who chose to stay at home and look after their children would receive no benefit at all.

Nor would the majority of parents with children in child care who do not use institutional daycare centres, but other options such as having a relative or neighbour care for their young children, either inside or outside the family home.


Halton kids

Interesting read on the people of Halton’s (and I suspect most of the country) take on this annoying daycare debate.

So I was standing at the front of a Town Hall meeting a few weeks back, in Oakville, and we were talking about child care. Things were getting hot.


Take my baby

This cartoon really illustrates the whole debate.  Why are women so eager to give their kids to the government?  It really makes no sense, but this in effect is what the daycare lobby is telling everyone.

Is the daycare lobby really so powerful, or is it true that women would prefer to work than raise their kids?


Seven Myths of Working Mothers

Here’s a review of Seven Myths of Working Mothers ($US orders)

No wonder children are growing to adulthood with serious misconceptions about commitment and attachment! The most important people in their lives, parents – and particularly mothers – are being taught that leaving their children should become easy and natural. In 7 Myths of Working Mothers, Suzanne Venker examines why increasing numbers of mothers are entering the workforce, and how this decision resonates in their children’s lives.


Full Time Mothers – “Job Vacancy”

Here’s a job that’s rarely filled today.

Job Vacancy

Author unkown

POSITION: Mother, Mum, Mama, Ma

JOB DESCRIPTION: Long term, team players needed, for challenging

permanent work in an often chaotic environment. Candidates must possess excellent communication and organisational skills and be willing to work variable hours, which

via Sara


Surrendering your duties

Another sickening but common story of a mother missing the best years of her kids’ lives.

Nat’s just 2 but she’s already “graduated” from the junior to the senior room at daycare.

2 and graduating?  What the hell are we doing to our kids?

This room is where both Nat and her older brother Will, 4, entered society as independent beings. And it’s where Mom had to let go. The teachers here held Nat and Will as they cried when they adjusted to Mom returning to work.

It’s where Nat and Will learned how to sit in a circle, how to stand in a line, be respectful of others (no biting and hitting) and how to dance.

This is where the kids will learn the skills that mommies are supposed to teach their kids.

I love how she glosses over the crying as Mom returns to work.


Bad for the brain

More proof that daycare is not meant for babies.

Australian psychologist and author Steve Biddulph has concluded that daycare damages babies’ brain chemistry and affects social and emotional development.

Seems a waste to study this, since it’s really common sense, but what the heck, the SAHM camp needs all the ammo it can get in the tidal wave movement to kennelize kids.


Sorry I’m late

They may be isolated cases, but some daycare stories sure are disturbing.

A day-care centre in Laval has fired two workers after a child was left inside after closing time.


Daycare again

Nothing much is happening in Canada these days, so the feminists are beating the daycare drums, as if anyone really cares.  Here’s a good entry from the Amazon.

What would have helped me as a working parent in providing care for my children? Lower taxes. The government has so completely mauled my paycheque with its standard deductions that it severely lowered my options and affected the bread and butter quality of my family’s life.


Quebec daycare bad for children

Another study from the “no kidding” and “told you so” file.

Quebec’s much-heralded universal child-care program might be good for the economy, but not for the kids enrolled in it, a study by a Toronto-based think tank says…the researchers point to a 2003 study by the U.S.-based National Institute of Child Health and Development Early Childcare Research Network that also linked disobedience and aggression to time spent away from maternal care.

It won’t be long before the women’s groups start attacking this one.