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The people that keep us safe

Great video.

BTW, when is the registry going to be killed, anyway, Mr. Harper?

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Bullets flying, blacks dying


Just useless

More proof the registry needs to be put to death.

One former Mountie called the registry “totally useless” because criminals don’t register their guns.

“They’ve wasted $2 billion on what should have gone to front-line policing,” said Dennis Young, parliamentary assistant to Saskatchewan Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz, a gun-registry critic.


Can’t be any dumber

Here’s an idea for the registry.

Perhaps, it is time to rejig the firearms registry as a dangerous offender registry and start registering the names of people who are not allowed to possess firearms, rather than listing the guns of people who scrupulously obey the laws. It certainly could not be any more useless than the current firearms registry and, in all likelihood, it will actually provide some benefit to the public safety.


Pop pop pop

Guns and ammo everywhere this weekend – so how’s the registry helping in the investigations?

A weekend of gunfire and violence has left three people dead and five people being treated for their injuries in local hospitals.

Thought you didn’t have an answer.  Ask the Liberal MP you voted in.


Imagine the freedom

…of being able to defend your property and life.

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP)—When two men walked into a popular country store outside Atlanta, announced a holdup and fired a shot, owners Bobby Doster and Gloria Turner never hesitated. The pair pulled out their own pistols and opened fire.

In Canada, we can only imagine.


Kill the registry

Boy, minority governments sure are interesting.  This story would never have happened in the old majority days.

A group of Liberal backbenchers has the Martin minority government on tenterhooks over their plans to vote this week to scrap the controversial $1-billion gun registry.


Register, or go to jail

Your OPP police force busy arresting disobedient civilians.

CUFOA executive officer and Dryden, Ontario, gunsmith Bruce Montague was arrested by the OPP this morning at 9 a.m. while attending a gun show in Dryden.

Child molestors get treated better … the ones that get caught with the police officers not arresting non-compliant taxpaying protestors.


Scrap it

Yet another call to scrap the useless registry.

THERE’S ONE more lesson to be learned from this week’s hostage-taking at Union Station, and it concerns the dismal failure of the federal gun registry.


Good shot!

The Toronto Police Force is doing very good work lately

A gunman was shot dead by a police sniper and his female hostage freed after a rush-hour standoff outside of Union Station on Front St. this morning.

The question all you Liberal voters need to ask, again, is, was the gunman’s gun registered?

Boy, capital punishment can be very efficient.


Could this happen in Canada?

A frightening story from Australia that could easily have happened in Canada.

The robber was wearing brass knuckles. Lifting Brown by the hair, he punched her repeatedly in the head and bashed her to the ground, fracturing her skull, an eye socket, her nose and left hand, and leaving her possibly brain damaged. Then the robber, a 25-year-old ex-con named William Aquilina, dragged Brown across the asphalt toward his stolen getaway car, dropping her like a rag doll when she finally released the deposit bag. Aquilina then got into the car. Blood pouring into her eyes, Brown somehow managed to stand up, remove her concealed handgun and take aim at the driver’s seat.

And yes, she shot Aquilina dead where he sat…This week Brown was charged with one count of murder.

Not surprisingly, most of the response to this column was from Americans.  It’s hard to disagree with the benefits of citizens carrying concealed weapons.


Gun registry: a model

At least the registry is good for something.

Canada’s $1-billion gun registry is being used by a U.S. project-management centre for senior corporate executives as a case study in incompetence and financial mismanagement.



Ask the experts

Killing the gun registry wins this voter over to the Conservatives.

“The gun registry is the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. “The (federal Liberals) don’t understand how very, very big this issue is—but they will find out.”


Do I hear 3 billion

The giant flushing sound you hear from Ottawa could be your hard earned tax dollars flushing down the gun registry toilet.  That is if you can hear it over the gunshots of Scarborough ripping into your house.

Canada’s controversial gun registry is costing taxpayers far more than previously reported, CBC News has learned.

I’ll give the CBC credit for digging the details up.


Right to bear arms

I always like stories like this.

Woman opens fire on intruder

A man is wounded as she defends her home with two handguns.


The Sun has a whole spread on illegal guns – it’s time that Canadians had the same opportunity to defend themselves too.  It would be far most effective than a gun registry.