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Here comes Howie

Howard’s invasion into Canada is finally complete…here his TV show comes to Rogers on Demand.

From the Rogers site.


Hanging with Howard

Good article on the current state of affairs at Stern HQ.

Forget the bitter lawsuit and the FCC—Stern’s got a new empire to conquer


Was there any doubt?

The Howard effect continues.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (SIRI.O: Quote, Profile, Research) on Monday said it recently surpassed 4 million subscribers to its nationwide pay radio service.


Blast from the past

Remember local talents Jesse and Gene?  Stern played one of their lamer bits, but it is still good (and of course clean, being Canadian radio).  Here is their new website.

They got fired and fired, now, they’re doing it their way.

Their site also says that is dying.  Sad.


Adler likes Howie

One of my favorite columnists and radio guys also admires Howard.

You have to respect Howard Stern’s financial acumen.


How long will it last?

Would you spend hundreds of dollars on radio equipment knowing that the first CRTC complaint will probably result in Howard being yanked from Canada?  Not me.  Let’s see how long Howard lasts up here.

Canada’s leading satellite radio provider to add The Howard Stern Show on Howard 100 as of February 6th

Howard gave it a mention this morning on his show, but he’s not optimistic he’ll be here long.


She gets it

Finally, a columnist who understands Howard Stern.

Most interviewers hold back. They want to be liked, want to be polite. Not Howard and the gang.

They pushed. And it didn’t matter how big the star was.


What a debut it was

CBC reports that Stern was off to an explosive debut today.  I listened to the whole uninterrupted 5 hours – and boy was it great.

Shock jock Howard Stern debuted on satellite radio Monday, tossing off a federally banned expletive and offering up a hearty sampling of phone sex.

How ironic that CBC, a part owner in Sirius Canada, doesn’t notice the irony or seem to even care that not carrying Stern in Canada was a serious mistake.

Sirius, which has partnered with Standard Radio and the CBC for a Canadian satellite radio network, is not carrying Stern’s new program in its initial offering in Canada.


Power of Stern

Is there any doubt who helped Sirius reach these heights?

Record Subscriber Additions of Approximately 2.2 Million in 2005 – Satellite Radio Market Share Leader For The Fourth Quarter With More Than 1.1 Million Subscriber Additions – SIRIUS Expects To End 2006 With More Than 6 Million Subscribers.

Sorry, Canadians need not apply if interested in Howard.