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Only in Quebec

With rulings like this, who wants Quebec in our country?

No violence in this sexual assault?  Perhaps it would help if the left would start calling it RAPE, as was done in the bad old days.  Maybe then even Quebec judges would see the extreme evil in this case.

A father raping his infant daughter is a crime one notch below murder.


Price of a child

More proof that a life isn’t worth much to Canadian judges – and the life of a defenceless child even less.


Watch your mouth

Better have a big wallet if you dare speak euphemistically of homosexuals.

Quebec’s Human Rights Commission has ordered a used car salesman in Sorel to pay a gay man $1,000 for a derogatory comment made three years ago.

More sign of the growing Big Brother powers we’ve allowed the government to have.

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That faint hope again

Glad the Sun brings this up.  It’s too bad the Conservatives have a mute for a leader.  Why doesn’t he bring this up in the House? 

NOT ONLY do we not put our worst murderers to death in Canada, we don’t even have a true life sentence for them.

Bring Back CP in Canada!

Here’s the story.


More sickering parole stories

The accomplice who pissed on a dying, begging cop wants to come back to Canada.  That should tell you something about how attractive our incredible injustice system is to criminals.

Munro’s brother, Craig, 52, who fired the bullets that wounded Sweet and left him lying unattended during a 90-minute hostage drama, was convicted of first-degree murder with no parole for 25 years. He is eligible for full parole in February 2006.

Sweet, 30, was shot in the face and a lung after he tried unsuccessfully to surprise the Munro brothers in George’s Bourbon Street restaurant and tavern on Queen St. W.

I suppose his next step will be to go on welfare and maybe get a 10K training grant to learn a new job.  Oh, for real punishment.

I’d love to know what the Sweet family thinks of this latest insult.


Tales from the parole board

More sick stories from our injustice system.

Jeffrey Scott Breese, 40, who is serving a life sentence for the first-degree shotgun-blast murder of OPP Const. Rick Hopkin in Arthur in 1982, is at a Kitchener halfway house on day parole and visiting his ailing father’s bedside.


Mitigating factors

Blatchford writes about the other parts of the caged-boy story you may not have known.  She still thinks that the sentence was too light.

The factors that mitigated the parents’ conduct are lost in the black-and-white picture that is left of the Blackstock boys’ case


Justice 101

This is a good thing.

The new campaign dubbed “Justice 101” is trying to bring the boys a summer of fun and allow them to get past the controversial nine-month sentence the couple who tortured them received. The plan is to collect tickets and gift certificates to movies, sporting events, theatre and restaurants to give them memories to last a lifetime.


More on the monster

A four pack of info for you on your Liberal government’s answer to psycho killers:

First, a letter (from a prolific and oft-quoted Mr. Knight)

I WISH the people of Ontario, and especially Toronto, would get off Martin Ferrier’s back ( “Psycho set free,” July 6).

He’s served his time, and despite being ruled a violent incurable psychopath, our justice system says he is entitled to walk down the same streets as our children whenever he wants.

You want it different? Too bad. You had your chance during the election when you could have voted for Stephen Harper, a tough-on-crime politician. Instead, you saw Harper as more dangerous than Ferrier.

So suck it up, and when Mr. Ferrier commits his next violent assault, as we all know he will, then, and only then, will we have the opportunity to finally declare him a dangerous offender and lock him up for good.

To whoever the future victims of Mr. Ferrier are (think of it as a Liberal roulette wheel for victims of crime), remember that the federal Liberals have appreciated the support they received in this election. Just as they no doubt appreciated the votes of criminals like Martin Ferrier himself.

Michael Knight


(Ouch—sharp words, but someone had to say ‘em)

Finally, Wente weighs in, placing the blame squarely on the do-nothing Liberals.

But the worst problem, as you may already have suspected, is the Liberal government in Ottawa. Back in the dim and distant past, the federal Tory government did draft a sexual-predator bill. When the Liberals were elected, they killed it because, they said, it violated individual Charter rights.

cool cheese LIB with a justice outrage of the day on this case.


Bad judgment

Blatchford says that sure, judges sentence using precedence, but there is a great deal of latitude for sentencing.

But nonetheless, the report is dotted with informative little boxes that illustrate the fact that while Canadian judges are to some degree bound by legal precedent, they also have considerable latitude in sentencing under the Criminal Code.

Clearly, there are too many soft judges that are unresponsive to the public will.


On the weak sentences

Regarding the horrible caged kids abuse case:  The Star is perplexed (?), and The Sun is outraged. Glad nothing much has changed in the world.

Which makes the sentences handed down Monday in this deeply troubling case by Mr. Justice Donald Halikowski all the more perplexing.


Good intentions?

More proof our justice system is out to lunch.  Check these quotes out on the following unbelievable case of child abuse:

The boys were locked in cages fashioned from baby cribs and chicken wire, beaten and forced to wear diapers when not at school. They were often so dehydrated, they drank their own urine.

…ruled that punishments including keeping the boys locked in cages were the result of “general good intentions…In explaining the sentence, Judge Halikowski said the abuse was not “meted out in a cold and calculated fashion, in the aim of satisfying some perverse desire.

I read reports they boys were routinely subjected to rectal probing.  If this isn’t perverse desire, I don’t know what the hell is.

But gasps erupted in court after Judge Halikowski suggested the abuse was meant to “train” the children.

“There was no joy had in any of these acts, only frustration,” he said…”There is no doubt [the boys] were difficult to raise,” he said. “No parents could have raised these children successfully without the aid of professionals.”

We need to elect judges.  Now.

Update:Wente gives more details angry 


Slap slap

Another really light sentence, courtesy of your judicial system.

A couple who kept their two adoptive sons caged and chained like animals over a 13-year period was sentenced today to nine months in jail.

So, they’ll be out in 3 months if they behave.  Their kids are sentenced to a lifetime.


Our lax system

This letter writer, like most of us, are sick of the Liberal justice system.  Remember when you vote.

In what kind of civilized society is a man with more than 20 criminal convictions, seven involving violence, set free on bail while facing an attempted murder charge? How is it possible he is then jailed for 60 days for a violent assault against his small child, and that bail is not revoked? Supposedly under near house arrest, he is free to roam Toronto’s nightclubs. Predictably, another act of violence ensues and he kills our son in a violent, unprovoked attack.

Next a jury is presented only with a sanitized version of this man’s criminal record that does not include any of his violent crime convictions. Tyson Talbot is then acquitted of both second degree murder and manslaughter charges acting as the only defence witness and delivering the flimsiest of explanations surely ever heard within courtroom walls. Why is there no discussion about this? When will we see changes to the criminal justice system?

David Shelton, Toronto


Release the bad ones

Our justice system hard at work.

AN ALLEGED serial rapist who was freed on $4,000 bail by a justice of the peace in May after being arrested for a vicious sexual assault, struck again three weeks after being released, Toronto Police allege.