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Breaking news! Eating helps hunger!

Is the population so dumbed down that this is a story? People that eat breakfast may actually feel less hungry as the day goes on? Unbelievable. High-protein breakfasts may help fend off hunger cravings, obesity: study…


Roll your car

Slow down in the rain.

via I rolled my Honda Fit 7 times and caught it on my dash camera. – YouTube.


Samantha Barks

Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert – On My Own – YouTube.

My new favorite up-and-coming female singer, Samantha Barks.

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10 Creepiest Old Ads


10 Creepiest Old Ads.



Here comes 2013!

Here comes 2013! Sydney is first major world city to celebrate as New Year spreads across the globe | Mail Online.



Colm Wilkinson and Les Miserables

If you’ve been to see the new movie Les Miserables, you’ll likely be doing some digging to see past performances of some of the songs.

Let me save you some looking: here is the most stunning performance of Bring Him Home you will find anywhere on the internet.

Watch it and be blown away. Hugh Jackman did a great job, but he’s an actor. Watch professionals and be amazed.

Bring Him Home – Valjean Quartet The 25th anniversary of Les Misérables – YouTube.


Bye Bell part 5

Once more, it’s time to say good-bye to Bell Canada. Fun while it lasted (1 year). I enjoyed the discounted internet service, but was annoyed at:

  • the 250gig limit
  • the foreign workers answering your phone calls (very polite, but why can’t Canadians take the calls)

I almost reverted to…, but caught myself and reconnected with TekSavvy – Cable 28. They are now able to take Roger’s line and make it their own.

Although reluctant to give up a real landline, it only rings with telemarketers. I decided to try magicjack, and so far it’s been 98% as good. Total cost was $55 for the jack, and $10 for a new unlisted number.

Updates as the service is evaluated.



So this is how they go viral

BUYRAL – Professional Clicking – YouTube.


This may be a spoof but it’s a good one.


Fox is first

Image via Wikipedia

I like Fox News – and I am sorry it isn’t part of the basic cable package.  Apparently Lawrence Solomon likes it too.

I commend these all to you, but I especially commend the gold standard in television news and commentary, the one TV channel indispensable to obtaining an understanding of the events of the day: FOX News.

via Urban Renaissance Institute – The best in news.

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Seeya Air Farce

Royal Canadian Air Farce
Image via Wikipedia

I always liked the radio version of the Air Farce, especially with Dave Broadfoot.  His Sgt. Renfrew was killer.   Apparently Friday is the last show for the TV program – I guess the radio show is long gone.  Roger Abbott laments.

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Is this the future of radio?

Fisher 500 AM/FM hi-fi receiver from 1959. Cou...
Image via Wikipedia

Listening methods are changing daily… may be one of the best ones out there.  So far I like it…and there’s even an iphone app for it.

Home –

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Morning after with Sarah

SNL: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

Last nights’ SNL with Sarah Palin was impossible to find quickly on Youtube, but we did find it easily via Google on….  That said, Sarah looked gorgeous as always, the interaction with Alec was cool, and Tina Fey‘s impression was of course great.

I hung in for the rest of the show, which was a mistake.  I missed an audience shot of Sarah, apparently, and although I was not tired, I passed out somewhere in the middle.  SNL is worse than it used to be, if that’s possible.  They have a monster cast to draw upon too, which is even sadder.

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Blatchford is back

It looks like I’ll be able to read Christie Blatchford again.  The Globe‘s internet gate has once more been let down.  I’m sure next to no-one paid for the content.

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RIP Richard Wright

Richard WrightImage by Ben Northern via Flickr

Mr. Wright was the sole songwriter on “The Great Gig in the Sky,” a hymnlike track with a soaring, wordless female vocal at the center of “The Dark Side of the Moon,” the blockbuster 1973 Pink Floyd album that has sold some 40 million copies.

Richard Wright, Member of Pink Floyd, Dies at 65 – Obituary (Obit) –….

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Muppets come of age

The Muppets in Weezer's 'Keep Fishin'Image via Wikipedia

Guess who found the internet? Well, The Muppets are on Youtube!  Find yourself some real classics.

…and a personal favorite:

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