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Tiger Who?

TURNBERRY, SCOTLAND - JULY 16:  Tom Watson of ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Tom Watson took three practice swings without a club in his hand, then looked toward the green and pictured the shot he needed to play.

via… | Sports | Watson keeps lead at British Open.

Go Tom Go!

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Another multiple birth story

110 isn’t always too old to become a father of a multiple birth story.

It took about 110 years and some delicate surgery on his most private parts, but Henry — a lizard-like creature from New Zealand — is now a dad.

via 110-year-old ‘living fossil’ becomes a dad –….

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Babies First Day Expressions

I love babies – and children – especially when they’re mine.  What a cute website if you like first day birth pictures.

Ideal For Comment: Babies First Day Expressions.

via j-walk

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Ring my bells

Merry Xmas… from Germany.


Once in a blue moon

A hypothetical rendition of The Blue Moon orbi...
Image via Wikipedia

…you find a blog post that explains what the heck that actually means.

The Science Behind Some Popular Phrases – Neatorama.

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Trying to wear a poppy

Closeup of a poppy flower at the Monastery of ...

Image via Wikipedia

Another year, another attempt to keep a poppy on my shirt for more than a few minutes.

We can get a lander on Mars, and we can’t design a pin that can keep the poppy on a shirt? I’d gladly pay a bit more to get one of those pins with a clip on the other side of the shirt, so I can keep wearing my poppy.

Someone’s got to do something and sell some decent poppies to the Legion!

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YesButNoButYes: Save the Pancreas

Seems to be a worthwhile thing to promote.

Pancreatic cancer is real fucking scary.

There’s no early test, prevention or cure.

It kills 96% of the people that get it.

YesButNoButYes: Save the Pancreas.


The end of the road

General Motors CorporationImage via Wikipedia

My most popular post, below, seems to have come full circle, now that it appears that GM is settling here in Canada.  The phone number is 1-866-640-9989,  and the website is

General Motors has settled a class-action lawsuit with Canadian motorists over claims about defective gaskets that could damage engines.

That old post:

I’m compelled to post this, as I find it is a serious problem and I want a record here and on the web of my problem.

Right On! Blog » Blog Archive » GM problems.

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Pizza anyone?

Mmmmmm pizza!Image by macross actual via Flickr

Recently, I’ve ditched my local bad-attitude pizza place and have been on tour of the area looking for the best pizza.  So far, it looks like the consensus is Pizza Nova and Pizzaville.  Pizza Hut is great, but it is quite a bit more expensive.  For sit down pizza, we usually go to Boston Pizza.

Almost everyone I know loves pizza, so I am sure everyone will have an opinion on the poll below.

[poll id="4"]

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Damn mosquitos!

This has been the worst year for bugs here in the GTA.  I can`t go outside, no matter what time of day, and go within 5 feet of vegetation, before he sinks his fangs into you.

Guess it has something to do with all the rain we`ve had.


No more eye contact

As technology drives up close and personal wedges in between us, I’ve noticed that when you pull up to a red light, almost 90% of the time the car beside will not pull up even with you, soasto avoid any chance of making eye contact.

Am I the only one to notice this?  Check it out for yourself next time you hit the next red light.


VW lights

Has anyone else noticed that VWs have a major electrical problem?  How many VWs have you been behind with one or more tailights out?  I see it all the time, and can only speculate there is a large recall type problem with these vehicles. 


EclectEcon: Women in Art and Film

A cool entry showing some neat transition photography.

I don’t watch or blog many YouTube videos, but these two are spectacular [h/t to MA]. The transitions are just amazing.


Five Amusement Parks that are No Longer Amusing

Having just been to Canada’s Wonderland, I find this Neatorama article fascinating.

There’s something fascinating about large structures that have been completely abandoned.


The Biggest Hole in the World

This is neat…from Neatorama of course.

The Biggest Hole in the World