What Funeral Homes Provide

Funeral Homes, sometimes called funeral parlors, are businesses that provide a very personal service, because the death of a loved one is a very sensitive time in a family’s life. The service is not only provided for the dead, but also for those who are left behind. The loss of a loved one is a difficult time in a person or family’s life, and having a good funeral home eases some of the pain and difficulty for those who are left behind.

funeralsServices that funeral homes provide are wakes and funerals, and the provision of a chapel for the wake and the funeral. Mortuaries also arrange services according to the wishes of either the departed person, if he or she made specific arrangements prior to his or her demise, or in accordance to the preferences of the surviving family members or even friends. Sometimes, an executor named in a legal will could also arrange the services.

Additionally, funeral homes also take care of the paperwork, make cemetery arrangements, and send obituaries to news media. Other things to consider while planning the funeral are the venue, who will attend, if the burial or memorial site has been reserved or paid for, the eulogy and who will deliver it, who will perform the service, and who will be pallbearers, readers and ushers.

A typical funeral service usually has a visitation or viewing, a service in a chapel or place of worship, and a graveside service.


For those who would opt for cremation, the funeral home usually receives the corpse and prepares it for the crematorium. It also takes care of filing the necessary paperwork. When a corpse will be buried in a different locality that requires air transport, funeral homes may also prepare it for shipment. They usually place it in a special coffin strapped into an air tray to get it ready for air transport.

When a corpse is brought to a funeral home, it is also embalmed.


Embalming is the process of delaying decomposition. It involves the removal of blood and internal organs, as well as the addition of preservative chemicals. Family members are required to bring clothes, and they are also consulted with how cosmetics will be used. If the face and other features are disfigured due to an illness, accident, or even decomposition, the embalmer is trained to do restorative methods to make it look presentable. Of course, some families also wish to have a closed-casket service.

A large area is usually set aside by mortuaries wherein family members, friends, and loved ones can gather for a visitation. The large area usually contains a display of the body in a casket and has space for flowers. This is where visitors may pay their final respects. Funeral and memorial services may also take place there. Majority of funeral service providers offer pre-arranged packages to people who opt to plan their own funerals.

Since funeral homes are a necessity, revenue is huge.



In the United States alone, total revenue reached up to almost 14 billion US dollars. Funeral arrangements should fit one’s financial situation. No funeral is too small or too large, as long as it is a good tribute to the deceased. Many mortuaries offer services that will fit anyone’s budget.

When the assigned family member who will take care of the funeral arrangement is ready to meet the funeral home representative, it is always a good idea to have someone accompany him or her to the meeting. The loss of someone you love is a distressing time, and some crucial details may be missed. Qualified funeral home representatives will not only provide the necessary service, but would also know how to guide the family in this time of loss.