Great day for contracts

Finally, with barely a whimper, the McSquinty Liberal’s pathetic attempt to bully a company, who signed a contract in good faith, has ended. Today the Ontario Court of Appeal denied the province leave to appeal the divisional court ruling regarding … Continue reading

Soiled diapers

I have to agree with this guy…the child care program has all the signs of being a major financial disaster for the taxpayer. It will however quickly become another soiled diaper courtesy of Canada’s Liberal Party.

More waste

Saw this story on the news last night. The C$280 million Canada spent building a new town for a troubled band of northern natives was of little use because the move did nothing to cut rampant substance abuse and violence, … Continue reading

Overpaid cashiers

Finally, a letter in The Star telling the truth about the LCBO’s “profit”. What timing. Three weeks after the finance minister’s announcement of a panel to review the sale of beverage alcohol in Ontario, comes the annual report of the … Continue reading