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Google is evil

More proof that Google steals a market (by giving away a service) and then drops all its users in the ditch. Post your favorite readers here in comments. Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives…



Michael Geist at University of Calgary

Image by k-ideas via Flickr

Tired of telemarketers at dinner time (when else are you home?).  Go to Michael Geist‘s site and get your number off their list.

The Canadian government passed legislation in 2005 mandating the creation of a do-not-call registry.

iOptOut – Welcome to iOptOut.

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I love roboform

There are quite a few good programs besides WordPress out there, and if you have the problem of saving passwords, may I recommend Roboform.

Another program I use all the time is GoodSync, which is a great way to back up your critical files.  I also use Carbonite, which is a great online backup program that works in the background.

Clicking the above links will bring me money, but I honestly do use these programs and do recommend them.


Got an iPhone yet?

at some point next week, the number of iPhone 3Gs in use around the world will exceed the number of first-generation iPhones.

iPhone 3Gs now outnumber originals


Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device

Once more, another amazing product Canadians can only drool over.

Why is the country so far behind when it comes to wireless?  Can the monopoly be broken soon enough?


Wireless T.O.

This is neat.

Toronto Hydro Corp. will announce Tuesday that it plans to turn Canada’s largest city into one giant wireless hotspot, directly challenging the country’s major mobile phone carriers for a chunk of the $8 billion a year wireless market.

Anything to give the big boys more competition is good.


Not so easy

More proof that plugging in a car and running off a battery isn’t as simple as it looks.

It has to do with hybrid vehicles, and whether we can achieve the full benefits of “hybrid vigour” by resting on the laurels of existing technologies.

Making it a national security issue may help spur some creative ideas.  Odd that it’s occuring in the big old oil hogging US, isn’t it?  Not to me.