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Downing on Sam the Record Man

Sam the Record Man, Toronto, Canada

Sam the Record Man, Toronto, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favorite old columnist writes about a Toronto icon. There aren’t many left (of either).


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Not My Scarborough

Pedestrian entrance #1 to the Scarborough Town...
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I can’t begin to tell you how pissed off I was to read about the swarming and beating death of a young man in Glamorgan Park on Saturday night.

via Not My Scarborough | Canadian Thinker by Freddie P..

Great article from half of the Humble and Fred show.

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News flash! Garbage stinks!

A Green Bin in Toronto that I took myself with...
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More putting the cart before the horse with government planning.  If we had built incinerators ourselves, we could use one truck to pick all the crap up, burn it locally, and have far more energy than any windmill.  So our blue boxes are going to China, and our green boxes are going to Niagara Falls, NY.  Amazingly stupid!

Ontario municipalities ‘scrambling’ to cope with surge in kitchen refuse and plant closings

via… | Ontario | Green bin waste trucked to N.Y..

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Millertime should look

David Miller
Image by Smaku via Flickr

David Miller could learn a lot about saving money – it’s too bad he’s addicted to tax increases.

The recession-ravaged city should consider imposing a four-day workweek on municipal employees, reducing health and vacation benefits for new workers and adopting pension formulas that don’t count overtime, a study released yesterday found.

via RX FOR CITY: 4-DAY WEEK – New York Post.

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What’s wrong with the Leafs?

Conn Smythe and others enlisting for service a...
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The bleak days of the current Leafs make me yearn for the H. Ballard days.  NP’s McParland reaches farther back to lament the Conn Smythe days.  Either way, the nameless, faceless entity that owns the Leafs today is as dull as the Leafs are bad.

But the soulless corporate monolith that now controls the Leafs with the same passion it manages its condominium holdings has yet to come to grips with the legacy of the Smythe family.

via Kelly McParland: The Leafs never learn. But Conn Smythe might have taught them. – Full Comment.

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Goodbye Jarvis St.?

Jarvis Street
Image by quartertonality via Flickr

Avenue Rd, Church, Sherbourne, Eastern – and now Jarvis?  When will the anti-car zealots of the city core stop?

Moore Park resident Ellen Greenwood thinks removing the centre lane from Jarvis St. — and turning the heavily used north-south commuter route into a “cultural corridor” — makes absolutely no sense at all.

via Jarvis St. showdown | Sue-Ann Levy | Columnists | Comment | Toronto Sun.

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Do What You Can- ya right

Tower of Garbage, Cambodia
Image by lecercle via Flickr

Great.  We pay so much tax here in the GTA, and once more, we have to go even further to separate and dispose of our garbage.  We already have three trucks coming to the same address every week, and now I have to drive out of my way to dispose of “select” garbage.   Please lower my local taxes and let me take my own garbage to the dump.  Clearly the city can’t figure out how to pick things up efficiently.

Paints colour our world. Petroleum products keep things moving.

Batteries power the devices we use to remain connected, informed and entertained.

via Do What You Can.

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Traffic info

Drive By: Summer Road Construction
Image by karmablue via Flickr

I am in traffic all day, so what could be better than a traffic blog with traffic info.

Drivers seated higher think they are driving more slowly than drivers seated lower, and so tend to speed more often.

Anywhere from 10% to more than 70% of people in urban traffic are simply looking for parking.

More than 80% of traffic in a typical city runs on 10% of the roads.

via Traffic » Some Things About Traffic That May Surprise You.

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Miller could learn


David Miller could learn a thing or two about accomodating the Gardiner Expressway from this photo.

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A piece of Toronto history

My Godfather’s father died this month.  Judging by the size of his obit, he led an amazing life.  His surviving wife, Amy McLean, also came from a deep-rooted Canadian family, who also have a fascinating link to Toronto history.  The William Davies Co., , Sir Joseph Flavelle – if you click the links to their wikipedia articles, you get an amazing view of local history.

An artistic figure in the commercial world, Clair Stewart was one of the earliest and most significant graphic designers in this country.…: Corporate branding pioneer demonstrated that ‘good design means good business’.


What a game

Oshawa Generals

Image via Wikipedia

You don’t have to spend big bucks to see a good live hockey game.  We took in a great game today, complete with a great Remembrance Day tribute to Red Tilson.

The Oshawa Generals have a very special evening planned on Sunday and they are looking for your help to make it a success.….

The great part of this game is you can get a good seat, and the game moves fast, since there are no commercial breaks to wait minutes for.

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Winter’s coming – slow down!

via Gigababy


Rats for dinner

Good to see the City’s much vaunted restaurant checking system isn’t worth the colored paper it’s printed on.

It’s one of Toronto’s most popular Chinese restaurants, but on Wednesday those walking by Happy Seven were given plenty of reason to feel sad – and scared.

CityNews: Disturbing ‘Tail’: Rats Spotted In Local Chinese Restaurant.

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Speed limit 150?

Parclo A4 Interchange

Image via Wikipedia

Jim Kenzie doesn’t like the 50kmh over law

Highway 401 west of the :en:Don Valley Parkway/Highway 404 junction.

Image via Wikipedia

in Ontario.  I say it’s a good start.

Anniversaries are often a time for taking stock. They are usually happy occasions. Candles are lit. Cakes are baked. Presents are handed out.

Time’s up on `street racing’ law.

Here’s what I posted in his comments area:

Back when I was 20, I used to agree with you Jim.  Now that I am double that, have kids, and drive 140,000 lbs down the road each day, I totally disagree.  When we have parts of the 401 with 30kmh cloverleafs (Hwy 10, Brock St.), how can you say having a speed differential of 120 kmh is safe?  When the MTO is set to pass a law governing trucks to 105?

Speed differential causes collisions, as does over capacity highways, as does poor driver training standards.

Ontario drivers cannot handle 150, let alone 100.  Leave the limit where it is.

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Another wrong way crash

Since this appears to be the second wrong-way crash on this stretch in a couple of weeks, is there a way we can get the MTO to examine where this drunk got on so we can make it harder for them to do so?

One person is in serious condition and five people sustained minor injuries in a two-car collision that closed Hwy. 403 from Hurontario St. to Hwy. 410 for hours.… | GTA | 6 hurt in wrong way Hwy. 403 crash.

Last month’s 403 wrong-way fatal crash

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