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Goodbye Jarvis St.?

Jarvis Street
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Avenue Rd, Church, Sherbourne, Eastern – and now Jarvis?  When will the anti-car zealots of the city core stop?

Moore Park resident Ellen Greenwood thinks removing the centre lane from Jarvis St. — and turning the heavily used north-south commuter route into a “cultural corridor” — makes absolutely no sense at all.

via Jarvis St. showdown | Sue-Ann Levy | Columnists | Comment | Toronto Sun.

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Traffic info

Drive By: Summer Road Construction
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I am in traffic all day, so what could be better than a traffic blog with traffic info.

Drivers seated higher think they are driving more slowly than drivers seated lower, and so tend to speed more often.

Anywhere from 10% to more than 70% of people in urban traffic are simply looking for parking.

More than 80% of traffic in a typical city runs on 10% of the roads.

via Traffic » Some Things About Traffic That May Surprise You.

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Winter’s coming – slow down!

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Speed limit 150?

Parclo A4 Interchange

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Jim Kenzie doesn’t like the 50kmh over law

Highway 401 west of the :en:Don Valley Parkway/Highway 404 junction.

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in Ontario.  I say it’s a good start.

Anniversaries are often a time for taking stock. They are usually happy occasions. Candles are lit. Cakes are baked. Presents are handed out.

Time’s up on `street racing’ law.

Here’s what I posted in his comments area:

Back when I was 20, I used to agree with you Jim.  Now that I am double that, have kids, and drive 140,000 lbs down the road each day, I totally disagree.  When we have parts of the 401 with 30kmh cloverleafs (Hwy 10, Brock St.), how can you say having a speed differential of 120 kmh is safe?  When the MTO is set to pass a law governing trucks to 105?

Speed differential causes collisions, as does over capacity highways, as does poor driver training standards.

Ontario drivers cannot handle 150, let alone 100.  Leave the limit where it is.

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Another wrong way crash

Since this appears to be the second wrong-way crash on this stretch in a couple of weeks, is there a way we can get the MTO to examine where this drunk got on so we can make it harder for them to do so?

One person is in serious condition and five people sustained minor injuries in a two-car collision that closed Hwy. 403 from Hurontario St. to Hwy. 410 for hours.… | GTA | 6 hurt in wrong way Hwy. 403 crash.

Last month’s 403 wrong-way fatal crash

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