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Fred On Everything

General Napolean Bonaparte

General Napolean Bonaparte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fred says men are men, build and wreck things, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Fred On Everything.

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Condom Detectors

A United Airlines A320 landing.
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Think we have heavy security now?  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, sez Fred.

On February 17, at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, DC, a young Nigerian terrorist named Farouk Abdul al Faisal attempted to board United Airlines flight 1497 to Stuttgart, Germany. He had eluded detechtion by the FBI, and was not on the Terrorist Watch List. He seemed to have succeeded in his aims.

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The US is losing

The western front of the United States Capitol...
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Fred says suicide is so sad to watch.  Especially to nations.

So little is necessary to terrorize the world’s hyperpower. A free-lance dingaling secretes a bomb of sorts in his shoe, whereupon the US goes into convulsions and long lines of Americans stand comically barefoot in airports. Dingaling Two popularizes liquid explosives, and so Washington frenziedly confiscates toothpaste. Yes, the world’s hyperpower is afraid of Colgate, with fluoride. Dinglaling Three hides the infernal machine in his skivvies, so Obama makes Firm Pronouncements, and we will now have to undergo examination by panty scanners. Always, over and over, the terrorists have the iniative. The country reacts hugely and predictably.

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Comment of the day


12/26/2009 4:53 PM

It's so easy to see why this was ignored. A Nigerian banker contacting them on a matter of grave importance?

via Father of terror suspect, prominent Nigerian banker Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, reported Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab to US Embassy 6 months ago –….

Luckily, I don’t get those emails anymore, thanks to gmail’s great filters.


Bomb Attempt Will Intensify Security Checks

Oh great…more delays at the airport for those who really aren’t any threat at all.

The attempt to detonate an explosive aboard a Delta Air Lines Inc flight from Amsterdam to Detroit will prompt more intrusive security checks at airports for the foreseeable future and spur the development of new technologies that will eventually speed passenger screening, according to aviation security specialists in Europe.

via Bomb Attempt Will Intensify Security Checks –….

Will anyone get fired this time for letting this obvious terrorist through?  I doubt it.  Keep wanding the 80 year olds, guys.


Couldn’t be sadder

'Highway of Heroes'
Image by Melete via Flickr

Could this be any sadder?

The recently married couple, who have four children, talked at length about death before he deployed in September, said Mishelle Brown, wife of Warrant Officer Dennis Brown.

via… | Canada | Expected husband to die in Afghanistan, teary widow says.

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Another week, another soldier blown up

Controlled explosion of IED, US Army in Iraq.
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Talking to a military man recently, he said that many of these boys would be alive today if we were flying the Chretien-canceled helicopters.  Instead, we are driving these jeeps over tank mines, some of them doubled up.  In other words, we don’t have a chance.

A roadside bomb blast killed another Canadian soldier Saturday in southern Afghanistan, the latest death in what has become a bloody winter for the troops here.

via Roadside bomb kills Canadian soldier; 108th soilder killed in Afghanistan.

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Get – out – now

Until the government is willing to get some proper equipment, Canada should either hole-up in their camp or leave.  These boys aren’t even going down fighting.  The whole mission is reverting into farcical proportions, and it’s losing my support quickly.  A professional army simply isn’t the right force to fight a guerilla war.  Let’s simply send arms over to our version of freedom fighters, and keep our young boys home.

Three Canadian soldiers were killed by an improvised explosive device on Saturday morning. They were killed in an area west of Kandahar City.

via Bomb kills three Canadian soldiers.

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7 years ago today

A sequential look at United Flight 175 crashin...Image via Wikipedia

Inside or outside job aside, the size and scope of the 9/11 attacks was unprecedented. Pretty much everything that has happened (negatively) in the world for the last seven years is directly related to this day in history.

Update: Another impressive slideshow on 9/11.

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Highway of Heroes videos

Apologies for the poor video quality  -  my Canon Powershot A590 apparently likes lots of light, and this was filmed around 2100h.  The funeral procession moved at 100km/h as well, but the whole bridge either broke out into applause or stood quietly.


Could this be any sadder?

This photo was taken at Cpl Grenon's departure March 7, 2008.

This photo was taken at Cpl Grenon’s departure March 7, 2008.

“Tears streak down the face of Krista Sierens as she kisses Cpl.Andrew Grenon in

their final moment together before Grenon’s departure from CFB Shilo on

March 7 to Afghanistan. Grenon was killed in an insurgent attack yesterday.”

Photo Credit: CP

Military Mom at Home: Cherished

“Why We Fight”

Written by Cpl. Andrew Grenon
“I’ve often asked myself why we are here. Why my government actually agreed to send troops to this God-forsaken place.
“There are no natural resources. No oil, gold, or silver. Just people.
“People who have been at war for the last 40 plus years. People who want nothing more than their children to be safe. People who will do anything for money; even give their own life.
“I look into the eyes of these people. I see hate, destruction and depression. I see love, warmth, kindness and appreciation.
“Why do we fight? For in this country, there are monsters. Monsters we could easily fight on a different battlefield, at a different time. Monsters that could easily take the fight to us.
“Surrounding these mud walls and huts is a country in turmoil. A country that is unable to rebuild itself. A country that cannot guarantee a bright future for its youth.
“Why do we fight? Because, if we don’t fight today, on THIS battlefield, then our children will be forced to face these monsters on our own battlefield.
“I fight because I’m a soldier.
“I fight because I’m ordered.
“I fight, so my children won’t have to.”

(Grenon had written this poem during his 2006 tour of duty in Afghanistan)

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Three soldiers back home

Once more, our local 401- Highway of Heroes bridge was packed, with hundreds standing in the cool wind waiting for the heroes to return.  I’ve got some video with a little commentary showing tonight’s solemn occasion.  Apologies for the lack camera focus, apparently it doesn’t work too well in low light.

Hopefully someone will create some sort of blog or method of alerting those along the route that the procession is approaching, so more can participate.  I called the OPP to find out where the convoy was, so hopefully someone can figure out a way to post this info online.

The grief was palpable at this eastern Ontario military base Saturday night as three families, united by their losses, gathered for the return of three young men killed in an ambush in Afghanistan.… | Canada | Soldiers’ bodies arrive in Trenton.

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Three more – how many more?

Three more innocent faces were wiped from the Canadian army‘s ranks.  Very sad.  Is it possible for Canada to do a US – style surge and squash these bugs?  I hate that they are over there, seemingly getting picked off one by one.  Bad equipment, inadequate numbers, no air cover.  Is it time to cut and run or get the Americans to beef it up and help us get serious.… | World | Three Canadian soldiers killed in Taliban attack.

I guess we’ll be heading back to the Highway of Heroes soon to see them off.  Three hearses at once.  Sickening.

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A civilized ally?

When a fairly modern leader like Musharraf leaves, the West can only worry when the Sharia purists seize control (of the nukes).

The above photo is not actual Pakistanis being buried alive

A Pakistani lawmaker defended a decision by southwestern tribesmen to bury five women alive because they wanted to choose their own husbands, telling stunned members of Parliament this week to spare him their outrage.… | World | Women buried alive in ‘honour’ killings


A cleric to love

Here’s a cleric that we can all love here in the West.

An Iranian cleric accused President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of betraying the people and called on reformers to unite to defeat him in next year’s elections, according to an interview in a German newspaper quoted by Reuters, Wednesday.

Wonder how long he’ll keep his head.