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Ike Pix

Hurricane Ike doesn’t seem to have been as bad as he could have been.  There are lots of great pics out there now of the damage.

Chronicle Photo Editor’s Top Pictures

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Can we really blame a hurricane named Ike on 13 cents a litre?

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Mind-blowing Beauty and Deadly Nature of Lightening

A fascinating post about lightening: there seems to have been much more of it in the GTA this year.  A friend of mine even had his house hit by it, causing $50 000 in electrical damage (mostly TVs and computers).

Lightning can be one of the most picturesque visions in nature, and the one of the most deadly occurrences when it strikes. Lightening flashes occur on earth about 100 times every second, traveling at speeds up to 60,000 m/s, and can reach temperatures of 54,000°F (30,000 °C), hot enough to fuse silica sand into petrified lightning — known as glass channels or fulgurites — which are usually hollow and can extend some distance into the ground.

Mind-blowing Beauty and Deadly Nature of Lightening

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Global icing

What’s Al Gore have to say about this?

A huge hailstorm turned parts of central Kenya white, thrilling residents most of whom had never experienced such conditions, officials said on Wednesday.

Freak hailstorm turns part of tropical Kenya white – Yahoo! News

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Funnel cloud?

This year has been amazing for thunderheads. We’ve had constant clashes of hot and cold air. Here are a few pics with the beginnings of some funnel clouds.