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Gold for Bolt

Let’s hope the latest 100m star will survive all the drug tests.  If so, it’s a remarkable achievement.  It’s also the end of Canada and Great Britain’s importing of Jamaicans to win track and field gold.  Seems they do better staying at home.

Usain Bolt earned a triple-triple of sprint gold medals and world records today, an unprecedented Olympic feat that elevated him alongside Michael Phelps as the stars of the Beijing Games.

Ah, the memories of Ben Johnson “I never took no stereos” of 20 years ago!  The above picture is also tremendous…beautiful lighting and amazing clarity.


Amazing show

No one can deny the incredible opening ceremony last night at the Bird’s Nest.  Here is the guy who did it all.

Not only was the show spectacular, but it was scary in a way too.  The military precision that the 15000 performers (2008 at a time?) carried out their art was intimidating.  Apparently they were even told to smile. 

One can’t help but wonder how long it will take China to over most commerce in the world with their attitude and work ethic.  I can hardly imagine any other nation on earth that can mobilize an army-like force to put on a show like the opening ceremonies.

To say you better learn Mandarin or Cantonese is really not an understatement.  It will be even more necessary in 50 years than now.



A powerful photo shoot of the Chernobyl disaster.

I didn’t remember that it was a deliberate act started by Moscow.


Controlled olympics

Amazing pictures of the Chinese getting ready for the Olympics.

I will be watching just to see how a dictatorship can run a world-staged event.  It’s amazing what you can do when you control that many people. 


Where the wind doesn’t blow

This is a man made disaster.  At least it makes more sense than he so-called man made global warming.

Continents of garbage in the oceans are killing marine life and releasing poisons that enter the human food chain


Italy’s big babies

No wonder Italy is leading the population implosion.  Its men are wimps!

Currently, eight out of 10 Italians aged under 30 still live at home, and the average age for moving out is 36.


Same old USSR

Who said there’s no more cold war?  Sure looks like it’s still going strong.

Russia has begun deliveries of the Tor-M1 air defence rocket system to Iran, Russian news agencies quoted military industry sources as saying, in the latest sign of a Russian-US rift over Iran.

Not to mention this extraordinary story:

But as I lie here I can distinctly hear the beating of wings of the angel of death. I may be able to give him the slip but I have to say my legs do not run as fast as I would like. I think, therefore, that this may be the time to say one or two things to the person responsible for my present condition.

You may succeed in silencing me but that silence comes at a price. You have shown yourself to be as barbaric and ruthless as your most hostile critics have claimed.


First world problem

Almost as big as the Islamist nuclear threat, is the threat of the third world overrunning the first world.

With its filthy stairways, crumbling apartments and menacing drug dealers, the Anelli complex has long felt like a ghetto to the African immigrants who live there.

Judging by what’s happening, it’s clear the first world has no idea how to deal with the crushing tsunami that’s only just beginning.


Iraq explained

All we hear on American news is Iraq, so you may as well get some background on the country.

Iraq is a big, diverse country at perhaps the most complicated juncture in its history.


Ain’t communism grand?

Some members are more equal than others.  Tell that to the people that get soap rations that serve you at your 5 star Cuban resort.

Cuban President Fidel Castro was furious when Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $550 million last year. This year, the magazine upped its estimate of the communist leader’s wealth to a cool $900 million.



George Orwell must be rolling in his grave.

A man who shouted racist insults at Muslim worshippers outside a Cumbria mosque has been jailed for six months.

This is racism?


Moving back in time

Fred’s moving into a new house, in a town that reminds him of Alabama in 1957.

We’ve all heard old guys talking about how great it was to live in little towns out of Norman Rockwell (or, as I guess it would be here, Piedrapozo). Well, it was great. Not too dynamic maybe, but especially swell for kids. A lot of Mexico is still like that.


The end of Western Civilization

Try not to gag on your coffee while reading this.


Chinese account

If you’re as interested as I am about China, then you’ll want to read Downing’s piece.


Peak oil myth

Not everyone believes we’re running out of oil.

Peak oil is just another weapon the globalists have in their arsenal to move towards a new world order where the elite get richer and everyone else falls into line.

Here’s why they need to keep the price up:

But here’s the catch: By simply opening up its spigots for a few years, Saudi Arabia could, in short order, force a complete write-off of the huge capital investments in Athabasca and Orinoco. Investing billions in tar-sand refineries is risky not because getting oil out of Alberta is especially difficult or expensive, but because getting oil out of Arabia is so easy and cheap.