Design And Fabrication Of A Printed Circuit Board

A printed circuit board (PCB) is a board with tracks and pads that link points and nodes together. PCBs allow devices to route and circulate power and signals. A metal called solder is used as a mechanical adhesive and facilitates the electrical connection between the PCB surface and electronic components. PCBs are made up of several layers of different components which are laminated together.

Mounting of Components

Printed circuit boardMost PCBs today are mounted using the SMT or surface-mount technology where the parts are placed or fixed by solder on the board’s surface. Devices utilizing this technology are called SMD or surface-mounted devices. An older technology called through-hole mounting (THM) has declined in popularity but continues to be the preferred mounting technique in some industries. In THM, parts are placed on drilled holes of the PCBs. The use of this technology thus provides a stronger mechanical bond. This makes through-hole mounted devices more resilient to hazardous environments like high temperature, frequent crashes, or acceleration. The process of drilling holes, however, can considerably slow down the production process.

Parts of a Printed Circuit Board


The most common substrate (base material) is either fiberglass or plastic. Rigid and thick PCBs are made from fiberglass. Flexible printed circuit boards are built using elastic high-temperature plastic. PCBs vary in thickness.

Other materials such as phenolics can be used as substrates to produce less expensive PCBs. They are less sturdy and will easily delaminate and char if exposed too long to the soldering iron. You will usually find these types of PCBs in low-end electronic devices.

Copper Foil

A thin copper foil is laminated to the substrate with adhesive. A substrate fitted with copper on both sides is called a double-sided PCB. The copper’s thickness may vary with every PCB. High-powered devices usually require PCBs with thicker copper foil of two to three ounce per square foot. Most devices will need one ounce copper per square foot.

Solder mask

Solder mask insulates the copper foil from unnecessary contact with other solder, metal, or conductive materials and helps prevent solder jumpers. The most common color used for solder mask is green but you can use any other color.

Silkscreen labels

Printed circuit boardsThe silkscreen labels consist of numbers, letters, or symbols which are printed on the board to identify the pins or LED and indicate their function. They facilitate easier understanding of the board and smoother assembly work. While white ink is the most commonly used ink color, you can use any available ink color.

PCB Design and Assembly

Designing and fabricating a printed circuit board will normally take a lot of time and research as well as expertise. Most companies work with contractors to have their PCBs designed and assembled. They can take charge of procuring the components themselves or they can outsource the entire process of materials procurement and assembly labor to contractors.

Full outsourcing can be a less expensive, smarter, and more efficient alternative when you deal with contractors that have proven expertise in PCB assembly and have strong connection with global suppliers.

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